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Compostable Packaging

Why Choose Compostable Packaging?

Many people love the ability to get take-out food. It's ready to eat, comes in packaging that they don't have to wash, and is very convenient. However, the downside is that the used packaging typically becomes waste, and the industry generates plenty of it. Here at EkoPak by NewGreen, we are dedicated to solving this problem.

The biggest issue with food packaging of this type is that nobody wants to wash it. While this is understandable, it makes it so that recyclers don't want to accept it. Plastic must be clean to be properly recycled. Therefore, we made sure that our products wouldn't need washing.

Another issue is that most packaging of this sort is plastic. It is generally believed that plastic is unsustainable since it comes from finite resources. Plastic also doesn't biodegrade, and this causes ongoing problems for the environment.

Our compostable packaging eliminates both of these problems. Since it can biodegrade in any compost pile or worm bin, there is no need for it to be washed. 

Some of our compostable packaging, such as our compostable sushi trays, do include a plastic component: the lid. However, lids are far less prone to getting dirty than the parts of the trays that hold the food. Therefore, people can just pop them into the recycle bin without any hassle. This lets food outlets protect and display the food without worry.

To learn more about our compostable sushi trays and other compostable packaging, just visit our site. We are EkoPak by NewGreen, and we are based in New Zealand.

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