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Compostable Takeaway Products

Compostable Takeaway Products Soften the Industry's Environmental Impact

Takeaway food has always been a huge hit with consumers, but this has come with a big hidden cost: Huge amounts of waste. Traditional food packaging and tableware for this industry has been made of plastic, and a popular food stand or other outlet can pass out thousands of these items every day – a few to each customer. Needless to say, this has created literal tons of landfill waste and litter. It stands to reason that almost everyone wants to get rid of the waste, even as they want to be able to keep getting takeaway.

EkoPak by NewGreen's solution is a line of compostable takeaway products that are sturdy enough for their job of holding food and making it easier to eat it, yet biodegrade quickly under the right conditions. The "right conditions," in this case, are those found in the home compost piles and worm farms. Microbes in these piles make short work of our compostable takeaway products, leaving behind rich humus for use in gardens and landscapes.

We realized that packaging isn't the only source of waste from the takeaway industry. Plastic tableware is another big issue. Forks, spoons, straws, and other small items add up to the hundreds of thousands every year in popular locations. The solution here is to switch to our sustainable tableware, which, like our packaging, is compostable.

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