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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Is There Such a Thing as Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Many types of packaging have been touted as being eco-friendly, but it often turns out that it is simply recyclable. While recyclable items are more eco-friendly than those that can't be recycled, they are not as good for the environment as we would like. Many of them are the same plastics we've always used, but now, recycling facilities are better able to handle them. We at EkoPak by NewGreen in New Zealand are not satisfied with this level of eco-friendly packaging.

Our eco-friendly food packaging is truly better for the environment. EkoPak trays are not only recyclable but home compostable too.  Anyone with a compost pile or worm bin, can fully return this packaging to its natural state. When composted, it breaks down into humus, which enriches the soil. Composting also breaks down any food that is still attached to the packaging, so there is no inconvenient and time-consuming washing process needed.

We do use clear PET plastic lids for some of our eco-friendly food packages. This is necessary because consumers need to see the food they are about to buy, yet that food needs to be protected from outside contamination.

We've made sure to choose PET, a highly recyclable variety of plastic, and to use it where it is unlikely to get dirty. This makes it so consumers can just pop it in their recycling bins without having to deal with any washing. Most people are unwilling to wash things before recycling, so this aspect is a critical factor in helping to ensure that our lids are actually recycled.

With these eco-friendly packaging options, your food stand, deli, or other outlets can do much more for the environment than otherwise possible. Visit our site to see our offerings.

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