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Green Food Packaging

Is There Really Such a Thing as Green Food Packaging?

Packaging has been the bane of many industries when it comes to their environmental footprints. This is especially true of the takeaway industry, which relies on one-use food packaging to provide its goods to customers. Because of this, several companies have begun offering products they market as green food packaging. However, closer examination often reveals that their packaging isn't all that green. Some of it simply breaks down into small particles without actually going anywhere, while other such items use manufacturing processes that just put the pollution at a different point in the use cycle.

EkoPak by NewGreen set out to create actual green food packaging that not only works but truly biodegrades once its use cycle is complete. We succeeded at our goals and now offer a whole line of compostable packaging and tableware. The majority of our items are made with natural materials, so when they're composted, they go away – specifically, by turning into humus like other composted materials. Compost and humus both enrich the soil rather than harming it.

For situations where food must be protected, yet visible to customers, we do offer PET recyclable packaging. While recycling isn't quite as eco-friendly as full-on composting, it is far better than options that have to be landfilled. Typically, we make lids from PET recyclable packaging while using compostable materials for trays, so the environmental footprint of the total product is as small as possible even as the packaging fulfills its main purpose.

To learn more about EkoPak by NewGreen's 100% compostable tableware, trays, and bowls, and see how the PET lids fit into the picture, just visit our site.

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