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The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging For The Food Industry

Ecopak in New Zealand provides sustainable eco-friendly packaging for the food industry. This includes restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, food trucks, cafeterias, and other food venues. Their unique products include: trays and lids, cutlery, bowls, storage containers, square bowls, and trays with lids. Their unique products can be used as compost for gardens and lawns by consumers at home or at commercial locations. When they are added to a compost pile, they break down to their natural state and in nature too. They do use plastic lids so customers can see the food they eat or buy. The plastic lids can be easily recycled too. Below we discuss the benefits of sustainable packaging.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint and Packaging Is Biodegradable

These food service cutlery, trays, containers and bowls are made from eco-friendly materials that will reduce your carbon footprint and pollution. Their cutlery is made from natural birchwood that is not bleached. When you dispose of the wood forks, knives and spoons, they will break down and are biodegradable. They can be added to compost piles to improve the soil. The trays are made of sugarcane pulp that is not bleached. This is another material that is safe and compostable for customers. It can be added to compost piles for gardens and lawns. Their bowls, clamshell storage containers, and trays are made of this material. Plastic, on the other hand, does not decompose and sometimes pollutes the soil and water with harmful chemicals.

Their products are easy to recycle and dispose of using even traditional city or government programs. Overall, they give your employees and customers a safer container to eat from and reduce harmful chemicals found in some products.

No Toxins And The Products Can Be Reused

These products have no harmful chemicals and can be reused. They might be reused for arts and craft projects or added to create a compost pile to start a garden or teach others about gardening. Some of the containers might be used for science experiments before throwing them away. These food containers can be used to store leftovers a few times before discarding them.

Improves Your Brand Image

Many customers look for food service venues that use eco-friendly products. It shows you care about your employees and customer health. Using these containers will attract new customers and improve sales. When your brand is associated with sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, this will build trust with your customers. It will reduce municipal waste in your area too.

Contact EcoPak by NewGreen To Learn More

Fill out an online form on the website or call to learn more about our sustainable food packaging, containers, and utensils. You can order our product on the website and our friendly customer service staff want to help you.

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