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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Works Where Recycling Doesn't

Over the last couple of decades, a lot of emphasis has been placed on various forms of packaging and how they're harming the environment. This has led to many recycling initiatives, but when it comes to food packaging, recycling has been hard to do. Materials to be recycled must be clean, and since most pre-prepared foods leave residues in their containers, consumers just throw the plastic packaging away.

Our sustainable food packaging solution eliminates the need to clean old trays and bowls before they move to the next stage. Instead of being recyclable, they are compostable. Consumers with compost piles, in-home worm composters and other such systems can just pop the used packaging in the pile and let it decompose on its own. This sustainable packaging will also biodegrade in nature, which helps prevent the problems caused by non-biodegradable litter and escaped trash.

Since consumers like to see that their prepared food is protected while it's in the store, our sustainable food packaging does come with PET plastic lids. However, since these lids typically don't come into direct contact with the food, they are easy to recycle. When there is no need to wash an item before recycling, the chances of it getting recycled are much higher.

We make an entire range of sustainable packing for the prepared food industry. Delis, bakeries, food stands, and other establishments serving take-out food are well served by our options, which cover the needs of good retailing as well as solving the problem of what happens to the containers after the food is eaten. To learn more, just visit our site or contact us here at EkoPak by NewGreen in New Zealand.

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