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Why EkoPak?

NewGreen has been supplying environmentally responsible packaging solutions to supermarkets and independent retailers for over 12 years. We made the decision to go with EkoPak after years of reviewing and commercially trialling a range of various materials, cooking methods, garnish recipes, and presentation formats.  We have tried a LOT of products!!

What we established is that a tray of any description, regardless of what material it is made from, once it has been used to hold any sort of “wet” food product, needs to be cleaned before being recycled. If the tray has been used to cook food in, this becomes quite challenging. For a lot of consumers, this goes in the “too hard” basket, so the product simply goes into the waste stream.  With the EkoPak system, the consumer simply puts the entire dirty tray straight into the home compost. The various micro-organisms that live there make short work of the trays and any attached food, converting it all into a rich compost that goes back on your garden.


Of course consumers still want to see their food protected in your store before they purchase it, and want it protected on the way home, so we offer fully recyclable clear PET secure lids to go with each tray option. These are removed before cooking, and are usually clean upon removal, meaning that they are perfect for the recycle bin.


EkoPak products are:

  • Strong trays & bowls – they will hold your products without going soggy

  • PET Secure Lids – these fit securely to each tray shape allowing for easy display and handling

  • 100% Natural sugarcane trays & bowls that are fully home compostable

  • 100% Recyclable PET Lids

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